Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow! Its been a little bit since I've written something! I must say I'm slacking! Ha Ha! Well anyways, some bad news and good news!

So my Mom is literally crazy, hence that fact that I needed to move outta there! I need to be on my own again! When I lived on my own before, it was super! So... yes Danielle is moving away from the homestead! THANK FUCKING GOD!

Peace Out...Im gone!!!!

Anyways, good news is I think I found a really nice place for really cheap! I pay 300 dollars a month for everything included plus cable/internet! Hell yeah, quite the find! I responded to one of those roommate ads..check em out! So Im excited for that!

Other wise, work... and my personal life are all good! So anyways, gotta jet! Got lots of work to do! And gotta start packing sooner then later! Muwahs!

Deuce Deuce!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Macaroni and Cheese! WITH KETCHUP!

All I can honestly think about right now, is how delish Mac n Cheese with Ketchup sounds. Yum... And not just any regular Mac N Cheese, but the action figure kind! Some Spider Man, Sponge Bob, or even Scooby would be so so good right now lol! But, I guess Ill just stick with my can of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. Which is almost as good!

Cute Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is a rainy icky day, and in all honesty Im so ready to get out of this city for awhile! Don't get me wrong, EC is home sweet home...but there is to much drama and back stabbing in this city! Everyone talks shit behind everyone elses back, and then the next day they are back to being best friends. This isnt happening to me, but I see it happening all the time. Like really?

rain Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you noticed how cold it has been lately, like where did summer go? It has hardly been hot... and it is quite depressing! By all means, I had fun this summer, dont get me wrong...but this summer has not been like previous ones!

SUMMER Pictures, Images and Photos

I loved my summer, but its already gone!!! Fall is here, and soon winter will follow! Ahh... Which I guess kind of excites me! Im so ready for snowmobiling and ice fishing, whoop whoop!

Ice Fishing Pictures, Images and Photos

So come on boys...get out the tip ups..and drills! Take me ice fishing! Ill kick ya ass and catch more fish, but its all good...right????

Good news!!! I am going to Mardi Gras for a couple weeks! My Dad and his girlfriend just moved to New Orleans, so they bought me a plane ticket down for Mardi Gras for my Christmas present. Doesnt get any better then that! That will be a wild time! First time was fun, but gotta do it bigger and better the second time around!

Masks. Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, I suppose... nothing much more to say! Im tired, and ready for a nap...if that counts! But 4 1/2 more hours of work! LAME!

Deuces bay out!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Just another day, in the life of Danielle! Ha, nothing much or even special is happening today... just sitting at work, actually doing work! And yet the day is going by extra slow! I still have so much to do today its like WORK OVERLOAD...
Being busy is no longer the differentiator Pictures, Images and Photos
And...honestly after a long work week, all I want to do is go have a drink with my ladies and my gents! BUT, and yes there is a BUT.. thats not happening this weekend, because I am BROKE!!!!
drink Pictures, Images and Photos
Its all good though, because I will live right back up to my Balla' status on the 19th... when... I will have money in the bank! HA! I just ran into a short on my cash flow since I just purchased a car...
$$ Pictures, Images and Photos
I am gonna buy a bunch of shit though! And pamper myself a little bit ya dig? I always end up spending money on everyone else, so now its time for me to drop some paper on myself! ha ha ha!
money Pictures, Images and Photos
Would be nice right?

Well anyways... time for me to head back to WORK, and try getting some more done today!

Deuces and Im out!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Another Work Day..

Dont you ever have those days when you're like, "Damn I really don't wanna go to work..." The day when you are thinking of every excuse just to get out of an 8 hour day. Then the excuse of one of your inlaws dying pops into your head, and you are thinking... "Oh great now Im going to hell..." Yeah, its totally one of those days!

So NOW it't probably time to go to church and start saying my Hail Marys..

But anyways, I ended up rolling outta bed and making it out the door in the knick of time, so I wasnt a half hour late like yesterday! I hardly could get my shoes on before I was running out the door...amazing talent!

Now that I am started on yesterday, OoOooOoofffffttta! Rough day let me tell ya! Besides the fact that I didnt feel good ALL DAY! My blood sugar was sky rocketing out of control and I felt like I was gonna die! My blood sugar is not supposed to go above like 150 usually, and I dont want to to be above 200. It was 580 yesterday, thats NUTS! I have not had that high of a blood sugar in a long time! And there was no reason for it, unless I was overly stressed and just didnt notice.

But, it got a little bit better through out the night! I went home after work and fell asleep for a couple hours, till bout 7:45pm Id say roughly! Woke up to a phone call from my friend Parnell and Deej askin me to come over and hang and go shinning! So I hopped up outta bed, and told em..."Only if you make me Mac n' Cheese w/ ketchup!" ... and that they did!

Ha LOVE IT! So... We went shinning last night, and enjoyed our Mac N Cheese (spirals and action figures!) with Ketchup...and then we just kicked back and chilled by the fire! It was a nice relaxing night, If I do say so myself?!?!

Then I went home and slept like a baby! It was all too nice..till my alarm went off at 7:15 AM, and thats when I thought... oh fuck another work day! And it will only be Tuesday! Shit! To many more days to go! I tell myself, I will not be going to the bar this weekend, but shit.. after a full work week your trying to hold yourself back, but it is damn near impossible!!! Rowdy!

Oh yeah, and I have ONE picture so far from the shoot that I did with my super wonderful love Bernard..the photographer! Love this kid! Alot of people said they like the picture, but I cant wait to see the other ones...

So everyone leave me some comments on your feedback!


Love ya Muwahs!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Story of My Life...Im a Hustla Baby, I just want CHA TA KNOW!

Ha... All I can do is laugh! This weekend was def. the story of my life! I don't think I've ever had so much fun, EVER! Between hanging out with my infamous girls and guys...drinking it up in every bar in the city of EC, getting down and dirty, trying Mac N' Cheese pizza from Buzzy's, dealing with the Coppers, and just having a down right drunk time... My weekend was Priceless! Except for the hangover that followed...ha and dont forget making out with my best friend for free shots!

Now it is Monday afternoon, and I am in strict recovery mode! I decided next weekend, def. NOT going out! Hoping to go camping with some fellas, in the back yard! Id be totally down with that, maybe go with them and shoot some deer! Why not, by all means!?!

Def. not feeling good today though, not sure why! Last night I had my photo shoot deal, which was fun, have another one coming up soon! But I guess they turned out okay, so Im excited to see some of these pictures! Hurry up Penguin!!

But PS: I think the sun just set, cuz Im a hustla baby, I just want cha to know!

Friday, September 5, 2008

YAY its finally FRIDAY! I can already tell that today is going to go by soo slow! I mean, who likes sitting at work all day on a Friday? NOT ME, thats for sure! I feel like I have been already sitting here for HOURS munching on my fig newtons and drinking my smart water! Yum, but still doesnt make the day go by any faster! But anyways...

So... There is this guy, yes a guy..that I like or think I like! Ha Ha, but whatever...So this guy, someone I usually don't fall for...

The first time I met him, I was a little tipsy. Yeah, I normally wouldn't meet a guy in a bar, but why not..first time for everything, right? He seems really nice, sweet, cool type of guy-NOTHING wrong with that! Now days, I dont know what it is but I usually go for the preppy jock boys that are cocky, but I dont really want that in all honesty. Im sick of cocky guys who think they carry the world in their hands. This guy is very charming and sweet. His style is his own! He seems to be a urban/street dresser with a great personality, and he grows on you quite fast! I didnt look at him then like I do now, he def. grew on me! Even though I have had a certain attraction to him all along. We will see what happens, hmmm?

But now what? What can a girl do.. ROUGH! Ha Ha Ha ha! A girl can only try so hard until she gives up!?!

What to do for this weekend, thats the main question!?! I am still beat from Wed. night, I dont know if I am really all that down for going out tonight and/or tomorrow!?! At least not to the bars! Maybe this boi will call me up lol and actually want ta chill? We shall see, but I am doubting it!

Anyways, back to another day of work... ahhh, kidnap me and steal me away! Yup Yup!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ugh, Recovery!

Wowza! One word to explain last night all around for me is "doozie"... Nothing more or less needs to be said...

I think this picture explains exactly how I feel... I am leaving work and going to bed!!!
EXHAUSTED! And I need a recovery!

So.. sorry but no semi interesting blog today!

And PS: I am so craving Arbys!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Trillion Things ABOUT ME, you might want to know?

Things you might of never known about me....

1. I like playing in the rain!

2. I swear more than most girls do. Potty mouth!

3. I am a great friend!

4. I love loud music!

5. Football and Baseball, my favorites!

6. I lived in Albuquerque, NM for 3 1/2 years.

7. I have diabetes, shooting up is my least favorite!

8. I always wear my "stunna shades"...

9. I say "Deuces" a lot!

10. "Call/Text me so I can make it juicy for you" my over used phrase!

11. My bedroom floor is my new closet...

12. I love to dance crazily with all my peeps on the dance floor

13. Im a girl who loves to get a little dirty!

14. My favorite colors are Black, Pink, and Turquoise

15. I am Filipino, who knew?

16. My nickname is Pino. (some people dont even know my real name!)
17. I love my best friends! (Ashley Mauldin, Cris Nagy, and Stacey Brown.)

18. I like this guy... ;-D

19. Love floating down the river

20. I am in love, and know alot about crotch rockets!

21. Jamaica is amazing!

22. Pina Coladas and Miami Vices are my fav. tropical drinks

23. Looking at the stars

24. Making out in the rain

25. Energy Drinks are the shit!

26. I am an adrenaline junkie

27. Puppies make me smile!

28. Hibiscus flowers are my favorite.

29. A guys smile and the shoes he wears are a way to my heart!

30. My eyes are my best feature

31. My small boobs are my worst feature.

32. Kiss me on my shoulder, collar bone, or neck...Ill be yours forever

33. Egypt, is a land of mystery and adventure. A place Ive always wanted to go!

34. I have a sweet but quorky style.

35. Im one of the biggest dorks you will ever know!

36. I like to drive fast!

37. Ive gotten away with a lot more than I should have!

38. Yes, I have been arrested! LOL!

Thats it for now... wanna know anything else about me? Just ask!